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Valys 50 Piece 5 Wood Candle Wicks for Candle DIY Making, with metal anchors

CA $9.79

JoinPro 50 Pieces Wood Candle Wicks Low Somke Core with 50 Sustainers Tabs for Candle Making and DIY Crafts (3x0.5 inches)

CA $6.29

EricX Light 100 Piece Natural Candle Wick, Low Smoke 3.5 Pre-Waxed & 100% Natural Cotton Core,For Candle Making,Candle DIY CW-0035-100

CA $17.51

Candle Wick Roll of 25 Yards Zinc Core ARTS & CRAFTS

CA $17.50

#24PLY/FT Braided Wick: 100 foot Spool Unknown

CA $14.38

SimpleLife 10 Piece Candle Wood Wick with Sustainer Tab Candle Making Supply

CA $5.09

Homyl 1 Roll of 30 Meters 98 Feet Cotton Unwaxed Braided Candle Wick Spool Cord for Home Candle Making Craft - White

CA $3.67

VANTSKITT Black Candle Wick Trimmer Scissor Cutter Snuffers Stainless Steel 7 Inch TA014

CA $8.66

MonkeyJack 200 Pieces 6 Sizes Candle Making/Tea Lights Self Centering Votive Metal Candle Wick Sustainers/Tabs/Base DIY Supplie - 12.5x2.5mm

CA $3.07

Candle Wicks with Tabs Pre-waxed 2.5 Cm 100 Count ARTS & CRAFTS

CA $11.86

Organic Beeswax Candle Wicks with Tabs Pre-waxed 10 inch 20 Count ARTS & CRAFTS

CA $17.50

PremiumCraft Square Braid Cotton Candle Wick - #2/0

CA $13.59

Organic Beeswax Candle Wicks with Tabs Pre-waxed 8 inch 20 Count ARTS & CRAFTS

CA $17.50

400 pcs Candle Wick Tabs - Metal Candle Wick Sustainer Tabs - Kare & Kind retail packaging (14 mm, Silver) Kare and Kind 700253428025KK

CA $6.99

Candle Wick 3mm Thick 30 Ft Long 100% Cotton Natural Light co

CA $16.47

Fenteer 200Pcs Candle Wick Metal Sustainer Durable Tabs 6 Sizes Candle Making Supplies Tools Findings - 12.5x3mm non-brand

CA $3.07

MonkeyJack 100 Pieces Candle Wick Low Smoke Pre-Waxed 100% Natural Cotton Core For Candle Making Xmas Decoration Candle DIY Tealight - 25mm

CA $3.07

Bee Wick Hemp Wick 50ft- All Natural Hemp Wick 6264401

CA $13.29

MyLifeUNIT Alcohol Lamp Wicks 2/5 (bundle of 12), Alcohol Lamp Replacement Wick for Hario Syphon Coffee Maker and Yama Syphon Coffeemaker KC16L102

CA $8.36

D DOLITY 100 Pieces Low Smoke Natural Candle Wick Pre-Waxed Pre-Tabbed Wick with Sustainers Tabs Candle Making Kit Supplies for Candle Making and Candle DIY - 10cm

CA $3.67

Jili Online Lots Organic Spool of Cotton Square Braid Candle Wick & 2cm Candle Wick Sustainers Wick Tabs DIY Candle Making Accessories

CA $10.49

Metal Candle Wick Centering Device (6 pieces) Candlewic 08473000674

CA $8.79

Jili Online DIY Candle Making Kit Metal Candle Wicks Holder Cotton Pre Waxed Candle Wicks Fixed Dots Glue

CA $8.39

MonkeyJack 100 Pieces15cm Pre Waxed Wicks with Sustainer Tabs and Double-Sided Wick Stickers

CA $6.99

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