Tracing Tools

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Bulk Buy: Clover Water Soluble Pencil Pink 5002 (3-Pack) Clover Needlecraft Inc.

CA $12.23

Pattern Tracing Material 48 X 10 Yd. Washable, Durable, Drapable & Stitchable SewKnitWorld/BlueArrowExpress

CA $17.11

Clover Refill Chaco Liner, Pink 470/P

CA $4.42

Bulk Buy: Clover Chaco Liner Refill 2/Pkg White 470-W (2-Pack) Clover Needlecraft Inc.

CA $9.02

DIY Sewing Tools Stitch Ripper Parallel Tracing/Chalk Wheel Multi Ergonomic (610943chalkwheel) HONEYSEW 4337010745

CA $11.66

WellieSTR Tailor's Chalk Wheel Kit (1 wheel + 5pcs replace chalk powder) - Rose Color Ltd

CA $10.92

Pellon 830 Easy Pattern - 45 x 10 yards 830-10

CA $57.52

45mm Rotary Cutter with Cushion Grip for Cutting Crafts Generic STK0155009497

CA $9.09

Clover Refill Chaco Liner, Yellow 470/Y

CA $5.34

Dritz Ergo Serrated Tracing Wheel 5113

CA $7.08

Hemline H753.L | Dressmakers Carbon Paper | 70 x 24cm Groves

CA $9.18

Dealglad Leather Fabric Paper Serrate Tracing Wheel Sewing Tool with Wood Handle 4337010757

CA $6.49

45mm Skip Rotary Cutter Replacement Roller Cutting Disc Generic STK0155009502

CA $3.67

Dovewill Quilting Craft Sewing Plastic Tools Stitch Space Tracing Fabric Pattern Loom Maker Tools Pack of 4PCS Random Color

CA $2.48

MagiDeal Serrate Edge Pattern Tracer Tracing Wheel Tailor Dressmakers Marker Fabric Sewing Tools 4337010753

CA $3.67

CHENGYIDA 10 color Peel-off Glass/metal/ wood/China Marker Marking pencil Grease Pencils + 4 Mini Tailor's Chalk Ltd.

CA $16.98

WellieSTR 4 Ccolor Rose/White/Blue/Yellow Chalk Wheel Kit (1 color with one replace chalk case) Ltd

CA $18.19

Clover Refill Chaco liner Slim, Blue 511/B

CA $16.38

Clover Water Soluable Pencil, Blue Q5001

CA $2.62

MonkeyJack 2 Pieces Serrate Edge Pattern Tracer Tracing Wheel Sewing Tool for Tailor Crafts 4337010777

CA $4.25

vLoveLife 4pcs Water Erasable Pen & Air Erasable Pen Set Disappearing Ink Marking Pen Sewing Grommet Ink Fabric Marker/Temporary Marking/Auto-Vanishing Pen for Cloth - 4 Colors

CA $4.89

Bulk Buy: Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk White 432-W (3-Pack)

CA $7.34

Kearing Pattern Notches For Seamstress Pattern Making Tool

CA $18.27

Serrate Edge Pattern Tracer Tracing Wheel Tailor Stitch Marker Sewing Tool Kit ReFaXi 4337010695

CA $5.73

Displaying 1 to 24 (of 28 products)