Titanium plated Headshell, mount, Audio Technica Cartridge, Elliptical Stylus, Needle for Audio Technica T92 usb, ATLP120 usb, ATLP1240 usb, ATPL120, - MADE IN ENGLAND AudioOrigin

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  • Made to order in the UK. Ready to plug in and play
  • Audio Technica Dual Magnet Vibration and Generation System Cartridge - Elliptical Stylus
  • Silver plated (OFC) wires for outstanding Signal Transfer and audio reproduction..
  • Sensational at this price point, Deep pure base, Perfect highs, Warm mid tones, Vibrant, Dynamic and Rich in Detail.
  • T.92 usb, AT-LP120 usb, AT-LP1240 usb, AT-PL120

Great Aesthetics - Mirror Plated with Brass fittings ****** Assembled by hand in the UK using a world renowned AT dual magnet cartridge with an Elliptical Stylus producing unbelievable quality for its price ******* Mirror plated Aluminium headshell with Brass fittings for additional mass just where it is needed ****** Assembled and shipped from the UK.

Customer reviews(1)

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Rob Hewitt
June 21, 2018
Very cool and awesome sounding. Audiospoon is a great seller and I love the sound I am getting from my turntable

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