TechPlay Turntable Essentials, 2pack of Diamond Tipped Upgrade Needles, Anti Static Carbon Fiber Record Cleaner, Stylus Cleaner, Pack of 5 45RPM Adaptor and Full Size 11.5 Anti Static Turntable mat. Turntable Essentials 2.0

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Customer reviews(7)

Color Name:Black

  • Pack of 2 TechPlay Gold Diamond tip ceramic Needle to match most turntables, such as Crosley, Jensen, Electrohome, Sylvania, Pyle, 1byone, Victrola, Innovative Technology , Boytone and many other
  • Anti Static Carbon Fiber record and LP cleaner and washer with Stylus brush and record cleaning liquid set.
  • 11.5" Anti Static turntable mat, can be cut to match smaller compact turntables
  • pack of 5 45RPM adapter for 7" vinyl
  • Over $90.00 value if purchased seperatly

Color Name:Essentials

TechPlay Turntable Essentials 2.0, is the ultimate package for your turntable and LP collection. With TechPlay Gold needles to improve the sound of your turntable. Anti static mat to keep your vinyl safe and static free. Carbon fiber cleaning set to keep your vinyl dust and static free, with included stylus cleaner. Set of 5 adapters are also included for your smaller 7", 45RPM records.

Customer reviews(7)

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February 8, 2018
Well the record cleaner fluid seems kind of useless when you can make a mixture of it yourself using a mix of water & a bit of rubbing alcohol - but that's not what I bought it for, I bought it for the brush.

Unfortunately the brush (as I've since read happens with many carbon-fiber brushes) leaves little micro-scratches on my vinyl. Though it doesn't seem to effect the sound, Vinyl isn't cheap and I'd like to keep my new purchases in good condition. A clean microfiber cloth seems to do just as good a job and is MUCH gentler on my records.

I've since purchased the Vinyl Style record cleaning kit and use it periodically in combination with my microfiber brush and am much happier.
Larry Burkowsky
April 6, 2018
Perfect for what I was looking for
Joe S.
September 9, 2018
The brush is not carbon fibre as stated. Instead it is some sort of fabric, possibly velvet, wrapped around a foam block.
Crazy Canuck
August 31, 2017
Excellent product.
Fast shipping.
I had the same record brush years ago,
And it's still a very well designed product
Amazon Customer
March 23, 2018
Andrew Wong
April 6, 2018
Beware this is not a Carbon fiber brush as described in the packaging, it's a velvet cloth brush
December 5, 2017
works okay.

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