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BodyJ4You Stretching Kit Taper Plug Ear Set Tie Dye 8G-00G Expander Gauges 24-Pieces GK0218

CA $2.79

BodyJ4You 4PC Glass Ear Tapers Plugs 4G-14mm Rainbow Swirl Teardrop Spiral Gauges Piercing Set TP7053-12mm

CA $14.55

Fake Plugs Kit, Black Acrylic Fake Tapers with Plugs 16 Gauge - 0G Gauges (8mm) Look - 4 Pieces BodyJ4You 4-Fake-PlugsUG-Black-0G

CA $0.98

BodyJ4You 4PC Glass Ear Tapers Plugs 4G-14mm Aqua Blue Black Stripe Teardrop Spiral Gauges Piercing Set TP7055-0G

CA $11.82

Taper Kit Black Acrylic Tapers Stretching Kit Tapers 2G (6mm), 0G (8mm) Gauge Kit - 4 Pieces BodyJ4You UG-Black-Kit-2G0G-4

CA $2.79

36 Pieces Tapers Set Tunnel Plugs and Taper Stretching Kit 14G, 12G, 10G, 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G,00G-(18 Pairs) DRK163401

CA $28.48

16 Gauge Surgical Steel Safety Pin Taper (1 Piece) Earring Body Candy 42340

CA $2.09

81stgeneration Women's Men's Black Horn Fake Taper Stretcher Spiral Twist Tribal Earrings 16asTEH164

CA $21.51

BodyJ4You 2PC Glass Ear Tapers Plugs 4G-16mm Black Orange Fire Handmade Gauges Piercing Jewelry Set TP7114-00G

CA $10.91

White Multi Color Splat Spiral Taper Gauge: 0 (8.0Mm) MsPiercing Tapers pr_sku_196308

CA $7.73

BodyJ4You 72PCS Gauges Kit 14G-00G Single Flare Acrylic Steel Tunnel Plug Taper Stretch Jewelry GK0489

CA $15.46

Glass Saddle Plugs Kit Rainbow Dichroic Set 2G-16mm (2 Pieces) BodyJ4You PL6223-0G

CA $2.09

Gauges Kit 4 Pieces Acrylic Black Tapers with Plugs Steel Single Flared Tunnels 0G (8mm) Stretching Kit BodyJ4You KT8011-0G

CA $1.88

81stgeneration Women's Men's White Bone Fake Taper Stretcher Plug Twisted Tribal Earrings 16asTEB011

CA $16.61

BodyJ4You Glass Saddle Plugs Kit Red Jellyfish Set 2G-16mm (2 Pieces) PL6252-0G

CA $2.09

BodyJ4You 30PCS Taper Kit with Plugs Stretching Set 14G-0G with Acrylic Plug 10G-00G Gauges GK0165-BK-AMZ

CA $3.85

BodyJ4You 4PC Glass Ear Tapers Plugs 4G-14mm Black White Stripe Teardrop Spiral Gauges Piercing Set TP7056-0G

CA $10.91

BODYA 36pcs Taper Kit with Plugs 14g-00g Black Acrylic Tapers with Plugs Double O-rings Stretching Kit Double O-rings Stretching Kit JW1812

CA $9.79

Fake Tapers Purple Pot Leaf Earrings 16 Gauge Studs Taper Cheater - 0G Gauges Look - 2 Pieces BodyJ4You FK2070

CA $2.79

81stgeneration Women's .925 Sterling Silver Spiral 25 mm Spiral 18 Gauge Wire Tribal Earrings 01iiTEO013

CA $15.39

BodyJ4You Surgical Steel Slotted Screw Taper 6G-12mm (2 Pieces) TP7072-0G

CA $1.75

Black Acrylic Tapers - 3/4 - 19mm - Sold As a Pair Mystic Metals Body Jewelry

CA $24.04

RichBest 2pcs Ear Flesh Plugs Tunnels Gauge Acrylic Cross Skull Animal Horns Expanders Stretched Earring EK81

CA $1.83

BodyJ4You Glass Taper Swirl Spiral Zebra Stripes Plugs Ear Gauges Treble Hanger 9/16-14mm Stretcher 2PCS TP7088-14mm

CA $8.39

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