Shoulder & Chin Rests

Adjustable position maple shoulder rest / pad for 3/4-4/4 violin or 14-15.5 viola, ergonomic, easy to use and adjust xp CAFM-1

CA $38.41

The String Centre Chinrest Wrench DLXKEY

CA $6.32

D'Luca VV200-12 Viola Shoulder Rest 12-Inch D' Luca

CA $10.15

Classic Music Flamed Maple Shoulder Rest for Viola (16'-16.5') 4334275235

CA $16.25

WITTNER 254231 Viola - Acoustic

CA $24.42

Adjustable Maple Viola Shoulder Rest up to 16 VIO Music M-6

CA $20.99

Wittner 251231 4/4 Size Composite Chin Rest for Viola, Side Mount, Anatomically Designed

CA $21.61

OttoMusica SR11 Shoulder Rest Magic Pad for Violin and Viola

CA $20.28

Flat Flesch All-Size Viola Chinrest - Ebony with Standard Bracket JSI 4334275156

CA $67.42

Kun K400C Viola Shoulder Rest

CA $23.79

Kun 830600 Viola Shoulder Rest

CA $33.52

Otto Musica Artino Resonant shoulder rest For viola Rosewood

CA $42.31

Mini Softalk Telephone Shoulder Rest 4-1/2 Long x 1-3/4w x 2h Black Mini Softalk Telephone Shoulder Rest, 4-1/2 Long x 1-3/4w x 2h, Black 301M

CA $22.81

Chinrest Violin Strad Pad 143DSP Deluxe AC837D

CA $23.56