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Tenta Kitchen Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Shears Poultry Chicken Bone Scissors,Professional Stainless Steel Poultry Scissors,Fish Shears For Barbeque, Carve, Chop Herb SYNCHKG104937

CA $9.09

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS 41370-001 Twin L Kitchen Shear 8, Stainless Steel 413700010

CA $24.49

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears and Multi Purpose Scissors ATT-01

CA $16.25

Norpro My Favorite Scissors 1536

CA $5.53

Yoshihiro All Stainless Steel Pull-Apart Japanese Kitchen Shears 7.5 Inch (190mm) SCR200

CA $74.70

Sharper Image 2-in-1 Non Stick Kitchen Shears SI-13SN157

CA $21.96

Korean Barbecue Kalbi Rib Meat Cutting Shears / Serrated 3T Blade / Quality Stainless Steel Scissors Large 10 1/4 Inches Grandia GG153

CA $12.59

Kitchen Scissors, Professional Multifunctional Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears for Kitchen Poultry, Spring Loaded Handle,Meat, Fish, Herbs, Vegetables, BBQ

CA $9.09

ZYLISS Kitchen Scissors, 1 Each

CA $14.27

A-SZCXTOP Ceramic Scissors Baby Food Scissors Cutter/Healthy Kitchen Shears for Family Healthy Kitchen Scissor W/Fixed Cover

CA $13.61

TUO Cutlery Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kitchen Poultry Shears (POM Poultry Shear) TC2002

CA $52.28

Kitchen Shears, Aolvo Taskmaster Shears Poultry Shears Heavy Duty Scissors Multifunctional Kitchen Scissor Come Apart for Cutting Chopping Shredding for Poultry Meat Vegetables Beers

CA $8.88

Silver Star Kitchen Scissors Shear Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Sharp Chicken Ultra Sharp Premium 2 Set

CA $17.49

Haotrend 7 in 1 Multifunction Scissors, Can Open Bottle, Can, Shellfish, Peel Fruits & Vegetable, Easy Use, Chef's Kitchen Tool Chef's Kitchen Tool

CA $10.49

Shun Amazon DM7300 Multi-Purpose Shears, Black/Silver

CA $50.27

Calphalon Contemporary Kitchen Shears KN9001C

CA $25.84

JISTL Green Pinking Shears Comfort Grips Professional Dressmaking Pinking Shears Crafts Zig Zag Cut Scissors Sewing Scissors,Professional Handheld Dressmaking 4336851612

CA $20.68

Tenta Kitchen Durable 5 Blade Herb Scissors with Cleaning Comb Cover| Time-saving Kitchen Shears Chop Herbs Fast | -Strong Plastic Lined with Silicone Handle -For Your Kitchen or Garden (N0.1 TENTA7 T039

CA $8.39

SZCO Supplies Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors 107712

CA $6.01

Poultry Shears, Amado Multi-function Poultry Shears with Holder Magnetic Sheath Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty for Daily House Life SYNCHKG097884

CA $6.93

OXO Good Grips Good Grips Kitchen Shears 1072121

CA $15.11

Clauss 18871 8.5-Inch Titanium Detachable Shears, Grey, Grey

CA $20.99

Batil 10 Poultry Shears - Stainless Steel Construction - Commercial Grade With Heavy-Duty Spring - Straight Handle Model - Made In Portugal By Batil - Ideal For Butchers And Chefs

CA $50.99

Endurance Egg Piercer RSVP International EG-POK

CA $10.49

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