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(2 Pieces) 22g (0.6mm) L Bend Nose Stud Ring Press Fit Clear CZ Gem (316L) Surgical Steel, Nickle Free Nickle Free (1.5mm CZ) Themadhatter

CA $4.51

(2 Pieces) Nose Screw with Opal Set Flat Top 316L Surgical Steel 20g (0.8mm) Nickle Free White) Themadhatter

CA $4.51

(2 Pieces) Nose Bone with (1.5mm) Press fit CZ Gem 316L Surgical Steel 20g (0.8mm) Nickle Free Themadhatter

CA $3.61

10pk Bioflex Retainers Labret Monroe Tongue Rings Wholesale Body Jewelry r17E

CA $7.33

16 Gauge 5/8 Rainbow Septum Retainer Body Candy 54462

CA $3.49

5 Pack Eyebrow Retainers 16 Gauge Clear Flexible Curve Eyebrow Retainers Lot 16G (1.2mm) - 5 Pieces BodyJ4You RT7004-5

CA $1.88

Bubble Body Piercing Surgical Steel Crystal Jeweled Hinged Septum Clicker 16g 200-GQGGH22-2.7-7.1-OA

CA $13.99

BioFlex Nose Piercing Retainer - Fleshtone Tip BodyJewelleryShop

CA $4.07

IPINK-24 Pieces - Bioflex Clear Nose Stud Labret Top Retainer, Metal Free, Allergy Cartilage Earring Lip Piercing Eyebrow Ring AM0078

CA $9.09

Septum Ring Retainer Anodized Titanium 16g eg

CA $1.83

Body Candy Bioplast Curved Belly Retainer 16 Gauge 3/8 17533

CA $3.49

Clear BioFlex Barbell with Ball 4mm BodyJewelleryShop

CA $2.65

5 Pieces Star Nose Screw Retainers 18 Gauge Clear Flexible Nose Retainers Lot 18G (1.0mm) - 5 Pieces BodyJ4You RT7010-5

CA $1.88

Clear Nose Ring, D.Bella 16G Flexible Acrylic Nose Ring Retainer Bioflex Clear Lip Cartilage Earring Eyebrow Retainer Nontoxic Plastic Ring DB16-008C-1MC

CA $9.09

Steel Bullet Septum Keepers 1.6mm BodyJewelleryShop

CA $3.39

BodyJ4You Belly Button Rings Pot Leaf Dangle 14G Belly Button Ring 1.6mm Comes with Belly Retainer BN1048

CA $1.75

Steel Septum Retainer 1.6mm BodyJewelleryShop

CA $2.65

(2 Pieces) 20g (0.8mm) Nose Screw with 3mm Press Fit CZ Gem (316L) Surgical Steel Themadhatter

CA $4.51

10Pcs Clear Bioflex Nose Ring Stud Retainer Body Jewelry Piercing 20 Gauge 2 MM Top Retainer, Metal Free, Allergy Free FF-NOSE STUD

CA $7.66

10pcs 16G 6mm Post Clear Flexible Bioplast Retainer No-C-Um Lip Stud Monroe Labret Ring Zack Oasis plus BE283-6MM

CA $5.99

(2 Pieces) 20g (0.8mm) Rainbow Nose Hoop Annealed and Rounded Ends Cut Ring Titanium Anodized Over 316L Surgical Steel (Nose, Cartilage, Eyebrow, Ear, (10mm) Themadhatter

CA $4.52

Nose Ring Bioflex Nose Screw Retainer Disc 16 Guage 1pc eg EG-RETTWIST-1814

CA $1.18

Curved Clear Retainer (Eyebrow, Naval, Cartilage, Rook, Tragus) with O-Ring. Tragus) with O-Ring. (14G 7/16 (Set of 10)) The Jewelry Archivist 16G-211

CA $5.42

18 Gauge Clear Flat Bioplast Nose Retainer Body Candy 27303

CA $1.39

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