Pyle-Pro PAD30MXUBT Bluetooth 3-Channel Audio Mixer, USB Audio Interface, 18V Phantom Power Supply PYLE PRO(R)

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Style:2 Channel

  • The KG203111 is constructed around a solid steel central bolt with a fixed solid pin to secure it to the aluminum casting for increased strength and durability
  • The KG203111 is constructed around a solid steel central bolt with a fixed solid pin to secure it to the aluminum casting for increased strength and durability
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • The 2-1/2 Grip Head has four different "V" shaped jaws, an ergonomic oversized "T" handle with dedicated roller bearings for maximum torque, and a non-slip aluminum friction disc
  • Available in chrome plated or black powder coated finish.

Style:3 Channel Bluetooth

PylePro Model : PAD30MXUBT

Bluetooth Audio Interface DJ Mixer

Bluetooth 3-Channel Mixer DJ Controller Audio Interface, 18V Phantom Power Supply

  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Ability
  • USB Soundcard / Audio Interface
  • +18V Phantom Power
  • XLR Microphone Input Connector
  • 3.5mm (1/8'') Microphone Jack + 3.5mm (1/8'') Headphone Jack
  • RCA (L/R) Stereo Input Connectors
  • 2-TK RCA (L/R) Input Connectors
  • RCA (L/R) Stereo Output Connectors
  • USB Port: Connect to Mac / PC
  • Audio Signal CLIP + LED Indicator Lights
  • Input Selection / Control Buttons
  • Independent Channel + MASTER Volume Controls
  • Independent Channel Balance/High + Low Frequency Adjustment
  • Includes USB Wall Adapter Power Supply & Connection Cable
  • Universal Digital Audio File Compatibility
  • Used for Beginner & Studio Professional Applications
  • Power Supply: 5V, 500mA

  • Bluetooth Connectivity:
  • Instantly Receives Wireless Music Streaming Audio
  • Works with All of Your Favorite Devices
  • (iPhone, Android, Smartphones, iPad, Tablet, MP3 Player, etc.)
  • Bluetooth Version: v3.0
  • Bluetooth Network Name: 'Pyle Audio'
  • Bluetooth Wireless Range: 50' Feet

  • Technical Specs:
  • S/N Ratio: 81dB (A Weighted)
  • T.H.D.:
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 25kHz
  • Output Level: 5.8V Max
  • 2-TK in: 300mV / 22KΩ
  • Mic: 1mV/1.7KΩ (Gain Max)
  • Line Ch1: 3mV/12KΩ (Gain Max)
  • Line Ch2, Ch3: 150mV/22KΩ
  • Equalizer Bass Range: +/-15dB/80Hz
  • Headphone Impedance: >16Ω
  • Power Supply: AC 100/240V
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.0'' x 5.3'' x 1.6''

  • The Pyle PAD30MXUBT 3-Channel Bluetooth Audio Interface DJ Mixer is like a portable recording studio. It's perfect for computer-based audio editing, while adding fine-tune adjustments to your sound. Connect to your computer via the USB port and this audio interface mixer has the ability to function as the sound card. System features include Bluetooth wireless audio connectivity, +18V phantom power supply, XLR microphone input, 3.5mm (1/8'') microphone input, 3.5mm (1/8'') headphone jack, RCA (L/R) stereo input & output connectors, 2-TK RCA (L/R) Input Connectors, audio signal clip LED indicator lights, input selection control buttons. Adjust each input's gain, master gain and monitor levels using the rotary faders. System includes USB wall adapter power supply & connection cable.

    Customer reviews(8)

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    April 28, 2017
    When I ordered this little mixer, I had no idea how well built it was. Very sturdy, it doesn't move around like I thought it would. The mixer is so easy to use, I had it mastered in minutes. I played my first dance with it last night, and was able to control my music like a professional. As an added feature, the device actually holds a charge for over four hours. This is especially handy when you think of how many wires and electrical cords I run just to DJ a dance. I am impressed.
    Amazon Customer
    August 12, 2018
    Signal to noise ratio OK on Win7. Does not work with Win10. Customer service would not reply whether or not it could work with Win10. For little more you can get a Behringer with more features and compatibility.
    May 4, 2017
    It's a nice little audio mixer. Better than I was expecting with simple plug'n play. Extremely well built aluminum body.
    Could of used a slightly longer USB cable but not necessary.
    November 25, 2013
    3 of the 4 pictures are not correct and the title is not correct for the product being described

    Amazon has nicely handled the return but I am disappointed - the Pyle PAD10MXU from Amazon is no longer available (or possibly just out of stock - no option was given to wait.
    Christopher Smith
    February 23, 2018
    Has worked well for a small set-up
    Amazon Customer
    October 17, 2016
    Compact, lightweight, battery power or wall plug in, take this thing on the go it's fantastic, just wish it has another 1/4 jack but thats all I would change
    Amazon Customer
    September 14, 2017
    Amazon Customer
    December 10, 2015
    Works good. Good quality. Good price. Used for a few gigs. One thing tho is that with a mic cable, I'd recommend using just the 1/4 inch mono plug in instead of the mic cable because it can wobble a little and cause buzzing. Other than that, great stuff

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