Pyle-Home PLTTB8UI Classical Vinyl Turntable Player with PC Record iPod Player AUX Input and Dual Fold-Out Speaker System Sound Around

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:Frustration-Free Packaging

  • CONVERT RECORDS: Designed with convenience in mind, the vintage style record player can be easily transported and the unique Vinyl-to-MP3 recording function gives you the ability to save all of your old vinyl records into digital MP3 files.
  • BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH FOR WIRELESS STREAMING: Built-in Bluetooth and fold-out speakers allow you to wirelessly stream music from devices like iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, etc.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The Pyle record player features a rechargeable battery that lets you conveniently carry the unit to another room without any wires getting in the way.
  • STEREO SPEAKERS: This vintage vinyl record player includes built-in fold-out speakers that produce noteworthy sound with having to connect to an external output.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Pyle turntable was made to last. The corners of the speaker are capped with strong corner protectors to provide resistant construction. Perfect for travel and regular use.
  • Rugged suitcase with dual fold-out speakers - Headphone output
  • USB connection to enable recording with PC - 110 Volt AC power
  • Can be saved with MP3, WAV and OGG VORBIS in the computer - 45 rpm adaptor included, Software, USB cable & Aux in cable & AC adapter
  • Auto return - Dimensions: 20.62-Inch x 13.14-Inch x 7.24-Inch
  • Auto Stop Phonograph

Style:No Bluetooth  |  Color Name:Black  |  Package Type:Standard Packaging

Classic Vinyl Record Player
Classic Vinyl Record Player
Connect Your iPod and Get the Best of Analog and Digital Technologies
Connect Your iPod and Get the Best of Analog and Digital Technologies
Suitcase Style Sound
Suitcase Style Sound
Clean and Streamline Control Center
Clean and Streamline Control Center
Connect to PC or Mac
Connect to PC or Mac

Suitcase Style and Versatile

The PLTTB8UI is a turntable and speaker system that is practically portable. This versatile music machine unfolds from a suitcase into an elegant record player with built-in speakers. The rugged and stylish design allows for quick and convenient transport. Whether you're traveling to another room or another city, the PLTTB8UI is ready when you are.

Connect with A PC or Mac to Make Your Music More Portable

Create music files when you plug the PLTTB8UI to your PC or Mac. It comes with everything you need to get connected. This turntable has a simple USB output that enables you to capture music right onto your computer. You'll no longer need to drag your bulky disks around. Your favorite vinyl records can be turned into digital music with the included computer software. Convert your records into audio files in MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and a variety of other formats. Turn your stack of records into a digital music library - organize your music collection or just save some space by digitizing your records with the PLTTB8UI.

Control Your Music

Enjoy the stylish and clean steel look of the control center located on the face of this machine. You will be in control and able to adjust the volume, bass, treble, phono, and aux-in capabilities with beautifully crafted dials and levers.

Play it All

This classic vinyl record player is capable of playing a wide variety of music. Enjoy your vinyl records, or tune into AM/FM radio. You can also use the 3.5-millimeter aux-in port that allows you to connect with and play music from iPods as well as almost any other MP3 or external music player. Combine the best of analog and digital technology with the PLTTB8UI.

Audio for One or For All

The dual fold-out speakers of the PLTTB8UI provide sound that is sure to fill any room. Show-off your turntable and play music for a crowd of family and friends -- or just use the headphone output for private listening. Either way, the PLTTB8UI will deliver high quality performance for all of your audio needs.

Extra features

  • Audacity (easy-to-use and multilingual audio editing software)
  • Auto stop (Ensures that the tone arm will be raised and reset at the end of the record)
  • Auto return (The record automatically replays from its starting point just as if it was on loop)

What's in the Box

PLTTB8UI player; 45 rpm adaptor; USB cable; Aux-in cable; AC adaptor.

Customer reviews(8)

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February 8, 2017
Absolutely terrible product, wouldn't take it if free. Tried playing a brand new 45 it couldn't, skipped every 3 seconds. Not enough weight on the tone arm and there is zero adjustment to solve issue. Only way it would play without jumping off record and skipping CONSTANTLY is setting a penny on the arm. After the penny kept it from skipping it sounds like CRAP! Cheap plastic everything, like never seen plastic like it. Platter, tone arm everything plastic of the lowest quality. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your time. Needless to say I returned asap
Brooke D.
October 16, 2013
I had bought my son a record player for his birthday and the quality was really poor, so I went looking for a different one on Amazon. I was not sure about this one as it was so deeply discounted but figured I'd give it a shot. We couldn't be happier. Great sound, excellent features and the build quality is far superior to anything else in the price range. I'm expecting years of use from this system. It arrived in 4 business days with free shipping too. I love Amazon!
January 9, 2015
I bought this for my husband for a Christmas present. It was one the pricier record players on Amazon and it looked like a good set up with speakers and ipod. I'm no expert on this stuff so I thought it would be great buy but my husband who use to DJ, the minute he opened it up I could see the disappointment. It was poorly made and put together. Hinges were loose and other small things didn't fit right. He tried to make the best of it and decided to play a record on it. Guess what, no sound from the right side speaker. He didn't even want to replace it, it was so bad. So we returned it and got a refund. How disappointing I was looking forward to listening to records on Christmas!
Andrew Goatcher
December 31, 2013
I recently bought this as a Christmas gift for someone else and I couldn't be happier about my choice. The unit looks great, is easy to transport and sounds very clear. Although the I do not have the player in my house, after the gift was opened on Christmas morning, it was used, all day, to everyone's enjoyment. Not the loudest system in the world but definitely better volume then most players I have heard (Crossley etc.) The person who recieved the gift also loves the system and thanks me every day.

Pros: Well built, unique look, multiple uses (PC, AUX In etc) and easy to pack up and move.

Cons: Probably not loud enough for a party but still great for a few friends over or solo listening.
Lynn Butler
February 10, 2014
Gave this turntable to my son for xmas. He just loves it says it has good sound & it is compact that he can take it to friends. My son said he like iPod adapter comes in very handy for him I would recommend this turntable to anyone that what to listen to their favorite vinyls
December 25, 2015
Was very disappointed on Christmas morning. Looks great at first glance, but the turntable wasn't straight on opening so the pin just kept jumping on the records. I wouldn't recommend this record player to anyone. Quality is really poor.
Amazon Customer
March 8, 2016
Very unsatisfied with the product. Just finally got to try the record player and it's not what I expected. It's does play at all skips all the time.

What can I do. Where do I return this product to change for a good working one.
Cheryl Garnhum
January 6, 2014
Very pleased with this item, it works well, set up was easy and it has terrific sound quality. Arrived promptly. Tracking of item was simple.

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