PRB FRX25.0 Turntable Belt 25.0 Inch Circumference

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Exact replacement belt. Used in many models of Belt Driven Stereo Turntables and Audio Equipment , including the Aiwa AF5050, Akai AP620, X100D, Concord BD1000, Craig 5101, 5102, Electrophonic T17, T200, Fisher MT32, MT6010, MT6020, MT6030, TT4191, Garrard SR2050, Harmon Kardon I20, I40, I60, JVC EG1050, VL5, Kenwood P7, Marantz 6025, 6050, 6100, 6110, 6200, Mitsubishi DP11, DP12, Project 1 models DR2A, DR115, DR331, Realistic LAB300, Rotel RP100, Sansui FR1080, FRD25, P50, SR13, SR232, SR313, SR2050C, SRB200S, Sanyo TP80S, TP600, TP626, TP636, TP700, TP747, TP808, TP1005, TP1010, TP6850, Scott PS17A, PS48A, PS57, Sharp RP104, RP114V, Sony TP6850, Toshiba SR230, SR305, SRA100, SRA102, SRA270, SRA272, SRB20, SRB150, SRB152, Yamaha YPB4, YPB11, plus others..

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