N92E Replacement Stylus for SHURE M92E Cartridge

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Customer reviews(8)

Style:Phono Cartridge

  • Biradial (elliptical) stylus
  • 20 to 18,000 Hz frequency response
  • 0.75 grams Minimum and 1.5 grams maximum Tracking Force

Style:Replacement Needle

N92E Replacement Needle for M92E Cartridge
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N92E (in orange) with M92E Cartridge
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N92E Replacement Stylus for SHURE M92E Cartridge

The N92E is a replacement needle for the M92E cartridge. (Information below is on the M92E. )

M92E Value Phono Cartridge

Excellent high-value cartridge that fits 85% of turntables. Smooth sound throughout the frequency range. P-mount design.


The versatile M92E fits both of the major types of tone-arm mounts in use today. This high-value model offers faithful sound reproduction at a very attractive price. A natural bi-radial diamond tip teamed with a tubular aluminum alloy stylus cantilever accurately traces the grooves of your records for a difference you can hear. Fits both of the major types of tonearm mounts in use today, making it compatible with over 85% of turntables. Biradial Diamond Tip + Tubular Aluminum Alloy Stylus Cantilever. Accurately traces the grooves of your records for smooth sound throughout the frequency range.

  • Universal mount
  • Biradial diamond tip
  • Tubular aluminum alloy stylus cantilever
  • Standard mount adapter
  • Mounting hardware
  • Stylus guard
  • Low Tracking Force
  • Minimizes wear on your irreplaceable vinyl collection

Customer reviews(8)

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Amazon Customer
January 28, 2017
Perfect. I know some people prefer the Audio Technica AT92E, but for my various Technics players over the past several years, this Shure M92E has always served me well. Its tracking ability is always perfect, its sound out-of-the-box is rich with nice mids and highs (I'm not a bass head) and it can be upgraded with high end Shure styluses (styli? needles!!) down the road. I am willing to pay $10-20 more for this than for the AT92E (and have done so three times.) If you need a P-Mount/T4P cartridge for a sub-$300 turntable, this is your best bet.
September 22, 2018
Did not meet up to all the hype about it.
Customer rep was adamant of me having to pay $12.00 shipping fee if I returned it.
Will NEVER purchase anything from this seller again.
Amazon Customer
November 5, 2016
I am 75 years old I have a turntable that is at least 35 years old. By transferring the turn table I broke the needle. I shopped around for a needle that will fit my turn table with no luck, then I turned to my I pad and found Amazon and my needle (Shure M92E HI-Fi Moving Magnet Cartrige) I installed it myself and now Ican use my turn table and play my old Vinel records. Thank You AMAZON.
Barry Schafer
June 27, 2015
The replacement stylus came in great time. I have been using the SHURE M92E since the 80's and am happy with the sound. Very easy to replace and with regular cleaning has lasted me for a long time even with regular LP playing
karl h. grave
February 11, 2016
you cant beat shure cartridges,this is a replacement for my 18 year old shure wich was damaged when i was moving.
Amazon Customer
April 6, 2018
Shipped quickly and arrived promptly.
Matched my cartridge perfectly and brought my 44 year-old Dual turntable back to life.
Jacqueline Marchand
May 3, 2018
It works very well
September 2, 2017
It's exacly the product I need. Received in good condition. Thank you

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