Modern Twist BB11 Bib, Crocodile Cuddles

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Color:Crocodile Cuddles

  • Silky to the touch for comfort
  • Save clothes with the catch-all pocket
  • Free of BPA, latex, lead, phtalates and other harsh chemicals

Style:Bib  |  Color:Crocodile Cuddles

Save baby's clothes from spills and stains with the bib from modern twist. The soft to the touch bib has a deep, soil-resistant catch-all pocket. It is hand silk-screened on FDA approved food-grade silicone so it is chemical free and easy to clean. Modern twist believes that what we eat on should be as pure and wholesome as what we eat. They use pure, food-grade, hand-silk screened silicone to create products so that you don’t have to worry what you or your child eats on.

Customer reviews(8)

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July 16, 2018
We've gone through numerous bib brands. These are the best.

They can be folded and never become creased nor lose their shape. They can be put through the dishwasher numerous times without any effect on the material and without any effect on the drawing/picture. Have not retained any smells or stains either.

Fantastic for home, being out and about, or travel.

Plus they feel great in your hands. Pricey, but worth the money.
November 5, 2016
Don't worry about the price - you will use it so much it's well worth it. Got this as a gift with my firstborn and never touched the cloth bibs after that - not worth the hassle of washing and stains on the traditional bibs. This just needs a quick rinse after meals and you're good to go. Replacing it with our second child because the closure on our first one wore out due to my daughter pulling it off after she was done as she got older. Not the bib's fault... Toddlers are just jerks.
February 12, 2016
Nice and thin silicone but the bucket part has a tendency to collapse when taking the bib off and spilling all the liquids and food sitting in there.

Update: May 2016 - I downgraded my review to two stars. The bucket has gotten softer over the past three months and makes a huge mess whenever we take the bib off. We've followed the care instructions (rinse, keep out of sunlight) and it seems like the silicone has degraded.
Tiger Papa
August 20, 2016
There is almost no doubt that this is one of the best bibs ever made for a baby or toddler.

The KEY thing about this bib that sets it apart from all other bibs is that IT DOES NOT LEAK INTO THEIR CLOTHES.

Most other bibs don't allow you to secure the bib around the child's neck without a little gap. And that little gap is the bane of my life because when my child spits out his food, the food crawls and slides into that nasty space. The iron pressed Carter's shirt or that Pumpkin patch dress is ruined with food stains until you strip the child naked while you quickly throw the soiled clothes into the washer.

This will save you the following
- a whole lot of laundry detergent
- a whole lot of water
- your sanity

This is the only bib worth getting. Other plus points include it being entirely water proof, cute designs and convenient design that can be squeezed into about any bag.
Amazon Customer
October 16, 2017
material is so soft, i use it every day and more than 3 times a day
like 10 months later, the button is half dropped.
still love it, would definitely buy another one.
Amazon Customer
May 7, 2016
We love this bib! This is the second one we've purchased as the first is still being used by our older daughter. We have been using it everyday for a year and a half and it still looks brand new. It is nice and soft not like some of the other plastic bucket bibs but strong enough to hold up to a toddler pulling it off. I would definitely recommend.
Amazon Customer
March 16, 2016
Love this bib! It's pricey but worth it - you can rinse clean or use a little dish soap for a real mess. The silicone is soft and it offers good coverage, even on my big 16 month old. He doesn't seem to mind the bib and doesn't try to pull it off like some other types we've tried.
October 14, 2016
Love this bib. Flexible adapts to any high chair. Great for on the go and at home.

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