Matcha Whisks

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Tealyra - Matcha - Start Up Kit - 4 Items - Matcha Green Tea Gift Set - Japanese Made Black Bowl - Bamboo Whisk and Scoop - Whisk Holder - Gift Box

CA $34.15

Tealyra Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Set Green (2 Pieces: Bamboo Matcha Chasen and Ceramic Holder) SYNCHKG092458

CA $18.89

Tokyo Matcha Selection - Chasen : Matcha Whisk (L) - 2 Color (White, Sesame) Bamboo Tea Whisk from Japan [Standard ship by SAL: NO tracking number] (White)

CA $20.15

Matcha Bowl (Chawan) / Mino Yaki / Cute Size Minoyaki

CA $14.17

100Pcs Disposable Coffee Wooden Stir Stick Tea Stir Sticks Buckdirect Worldwide Ltd.

CA $5.57

Sakura-Shino 3.5inch Match-Bowl Pink Ceramic Made in Japan 4562495440939

CA $44.10

uxcell Metal Kitchen Milk Egg Flour Handheld Beater Rotary Blender 3 Pcs Silver Tone a17020600ux0093

CA $12.36

HAGI 3.8inches Set of 2 MATCHA BOWLSJiki Japanese Original Porcelain

CA $49.00

Dictea Handcrafted Japanese Matcha Bowl Chawan, Blue Porcelain

CA $20.29

Purple Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Whisk Chasen 100-Prong with Chashaku Scoop for Japanese Tea Ceremony and Everyday Use Princeton Wares

CA $13.29

SODIAL(R) Japan Matcha broom bamboo broom 64 bristles for Matcha Froth TRTA11A

CA $9.91

Dovewill Japenese Powder Whisk Green Tea Preparing 60-70 Prongs Bamboo Chasen Matcha Brush

CA $8.39

Goodwei Premium Matcha Tea Set Suiteki - Ceremonial Bowl Chawan, Whisk and Holder - Gift Box (80) 998

CA $51.79

Qulable Bamboo Chasen Matcha Powder Whisk Tool Japanese Tea Ceremony Accessory (60-70 prongs)

CA $6.99

Matcha Whisk Sets - Hand-Made Natural Bamboo Tea Whisk Set Matcha Chasen with Tea Spoon, Traditional Scoop (Chashaku) kitchen-tea

CA $12.59

Matcha Whisk Chasen Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk for Preparing Matcha BESTOYARD

CA $11.89

WinnerEco Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Powder Whisk Chasen Brush Tool

CA $10.90

HARU MATCHA - MADE IN JAPAN - Traditional Handcarved Golden Bamboo Matcha Whisk (100 Prongs)

CA $36.47

80 Prongs Natural Bamboo Chasen Matcha Tea Whisk Green Tea Powder Whiskl for Tea Make Kitchen Tools & Gadgets (#1) DOSHOP

CA $8.38

Tokyo Matcha Selection - Chasen Bamboo Tea Whisk 120 for Matcha Mixer Tea Ceremony [Standard ship by SAL: NO tracking number] by N/A

CA $59.65

TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - [VALUE] Matcha Bowl Set C - Bowl, Caddy, Chasen whisk, Chashaku tea scoop for Japanese Tea Ceremony [Standard ship by Int'l e-packet: with Tracking & Insurance] Japanese artist

CA $100.44

Matcha Green Tea Powder Whisk Matcha Bamboo Whisk Bamboo Chasen Brush Tools Japanese Ceremony (Bamboo) Runola

CA $5.59

Salon Barber Whisk Hairdressing Hair Color Dye Cream Kitchen Balloon Mixer Tool Plastic 5 PCS Zerone

CA $3.42

Home Soul Gift box Matcha Tea Ceremony Set, Include 5 Items:Bamboo Whisk Chasen, Whisk Holder, Bamboo Spoon & Scoop, Ceramic Matcha Bowl-Complete Matcha Start Up Kit (Black)

CA $71.90

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