Iwooplus Universal Diamond Replacement Stylus Needle for Turntables, 2 Pack 10767305

CA $9.02 In Stock
  • Brand New
  • Diamond stylus replacement needles
  • Enjoy records for Hundreds of hours!
  • Keeps your Capehart record player sounding it's best
  • Record Player Stylus Needle

Compatible with Most Record Players:
Boytone BT-17DJB, BT-17DJM, BT-17DJS, BT-19DJB-C, BT-19DJM-C, BT-19DJS-C, BT-16DJB-C, BT-17TB, BT-17TBC, BT-21DJM-CDSP, BT-14TBB-SP, BT-15TBSM;
Capehart CRN1, CH196B, CH196R, CH196PK, CH196OR, CH196B, CH196GY, CH196DB, CH196BL
Crosley NP1, NP6, CR248, CR27, CR43, CR44, CR46C, CR48C, CR49B, CR49TA, CR49TW, CR50TW, CR53, CR67, CR69, CR70, CR73, CR77, CR78, CR79, CR704, CR711, CR712CD, CR87CD,
CR6019A, CR8005A, CR7008A, CR6019A, CR8005A, G6082;
CROWN CD2000, MZ1100, MZ2150
EANOS 300, 501, 502, 700
Fisher ST141, ST05D, ST707J
GPO Jam, Empire, Stylo, Attache
ION iCT05RS, iCT09RS, Quick Play LP, Power Play LP, Quick Play Flash, Contour LP, Vertical Vinyl, iLP, Archive LP, Forever LP, Live LP, Pure LP, iLP, Max LP
Innovative-Technology ITRR 501, ITRRS300, ITVS-750
Jensen JTA 222, JTA 230, JTA 300, JTA 380, JTA 410, JTA 420, JTA-450, JTA 460, JTA 475, JTA222NDL
Leetac 402-M208-165, TAP512
MAGNAVOX AS305M 3702, AS9406 3701
Pfanstiehl 793D7,793S3
Soundesign 5868, 5869, 5871, 6821, 6822, 6833, 6842, 6846, 6848, 6854
Sanyo ST05D, ST707J
TechPlay ODC5, 15, 16, 17, 18, 26, 27, 28, 35, 38,110
Teac DC2800, GF30, GF180, GF300, GF600, STL103
Toshiba M29, M49
York Yorx M2408, M2409, M2676, M2202, M2203, M2408, M2409, Q802A
Technical Specifications:
Red ceramic tipped needle
Aluminum arm
Needle pressure: 5 grams (4-6 grams)
Output voltage: (at 1K Hz=3.54cm/sec) = 250 mV
Channel distortion: (at 1k Hz) = 3 dB
Channel separation: (at 1k Hz) = 15 dB
Frequency response: 80-10000 Hz (±7dB)
Size: 0.75''x0.4''x0.10''
Weight: 0.01 lbs

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