Gold plated Headshell, mount with cartridge and stylus, needle for Technics SL 1500, SL 1510, SL 1600, SL 1610, SL1650, SL 1700, SL 1710, SL 1800, SL 1810, SL 1900, SL 1950, SL 2000, MADE IN ENGLAND AudioOrigin

CA $71.43 In Stock
  • Made to order in England
  • Top Quality Audio Technica Cartridge, Pure rich, warm sound
  • Silver plated (OFC) wires for perfect signal transfer
  • Exceptional low and high frequency delivery, superb sound reproduction
  • Gold plated with Brass fitting

Assembled by hand in the UK using a top quality Audio Technica Moving Magnet cartridge. Mirror gold plated Aluminium Headshell with brass fittings for additional mass and improved tracking Shipped from Britain

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