Glass Cutting Tools

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Long Glass Bottle Cutter, Hand Craft Bottle Cutting Machine Tool Kit for Recycling Wine Beer Glass Bottles and Jar Yosoo

CA $16.21

Bottle Cutter Kit to Make Glasses from Wine/Beer Bottles + Edge Sanding Paper Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter

CA $38.39

Kent Supplies GLS-398 Bottle Cutter Machine Made For Kent Supplies

CA $25.39

Red Devil 102370 Professional Glass Cutter

CA $10.83

Professional Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Wide Extend

CA $6.29

Kent Blades 5-Pieces Set of Metric 1mm Diameter GRIT 60 Diamond Coated HSS Twist Drills Bits for Stone Kent Supplies GLS-903

CA $14.19

Studio Pro 3/8-Inch Breaker Grozer Diamond Tech International 601

CA $17.17

SODIAL(R) Black Nonslip Handle Metal Pencil Oil Feed 2mm-19mm Glass Cutter

CA $7.12

Glass Bottle Cutter, Upcycle EZ-Cut, Wine & Beer Bottle Cutting Machine Tool: Ultimate Kit + Heat Breaking Tool + Gloves + Sandpaper Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter

CA $54.84

ION TOOL Glass Running Pliers FBA_IT-GPR

CA $24.86

Yosoo Pack of 2 - Pro Cutting Craft Tool Diamond Tip Antislip Metal Handle Steel Blade Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tipped Glazing yosooo-620-2

CA $6.92

Professional Pistol Grip Glass Cutter with Oil Reservoir, Fist-Grip Cutters Specially Designed for Women,Perfect for Stained Glass Making Tools by Bloomoak

CA $13.92

Plaid Stencil Décor Stencil Cutter, 34008 Plaid Inc.

CA $13.04

AceList® Long Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Cutting Tool For Wine Bottles, Suit for LONG Bottle cutter-03t

CA $43.10

Kitchen Onion Goggles, Anti-Spicy Onion Cutting Goggles Anti-Splash Protective Glasses Eye Protector Kitchen Gadget Fdit

CA $11.19

Glass Bottle Cutting Machine for Crafts - Thick Glass Cutter Tool for Wine and Beer Bottle Glasses - Sturdy Glass Bottle Cutter Kit, Glass Cutter for Bottles - Ephrem's Original Bottle Cutter Ephrem' s

CA $35.22

Kent Blades Set of 3 x 37-Inch Replacement Diamond Band Saw Blade for XL, 3000XL, Gryphon, C40 GLS-208

CA $57.19

Yeeco 5-Piece Mini Plier Set, Needle Nose/ Round Nose/ Oval Head Cutter Diagonal Nose/ Curved Bend/ Flat Jaw Pliers Precision Wire Plier Repair DIY Jewelry Craft Tool with Spring & Non-Slip Handle B1700516

CA $15.32

8 inch Glass Running Pliers with Adjustable Screw Ruitool

CA $12.79

Silberschnitt Glass Cut Running Pliers BO 700.0 by Bohle

CA $54.69

Glass Bottle Cutter Tool, Fixm New Version Glass Bottle Cutter DIY Cutting Machine Wine and Beer drinking glass round Bottles Cutting Tool 4336850045

CA $21.69

uxcell 6 Tungsten Carbide Tip Scriber Etching Engraving Pen with Clip a18022800ux0027

CA $4.17

Kent Supplies GLS-389 8-Inch Glass Running Pliers, Smooth CURVED Jaws Made For Kent supplies

CA $18.17


CA $25.51

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