Cartridge and Stylus, needle with mounting bolts for SONY PSFL1, PSLX2, PSLX3, PSLX4, PSLX5, PST22, PST33, PSX45, PSX500, PSX55, PSX600 Generic 4330368631

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  • Complete with fixing bolts and stylus guard
  • Up to date design but fits vintage turntables
  • Excellent, warm sound quality
  • PS-FL1, PSLX-2, PSLX-3, PSLX-4, PSLX-5, PS-T22, PS-T33, PS-X45, PS-X500, PS-X55, PS-X600

A top quality Moving Magnet Cartridge and Stylus. Specifications: Freq. Resp. 20-20,000 Channel sep. 1kHz > 15dB Downforce 2.5-3.5 gr

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