Bumbo Combo Floor Seat and Play Tray, Lime B10112A reikos_0518_026

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  • Includes Bumbo Floor Seat and Bumbo Play Tray
  • Enables baby to sit upright
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • Includes a 3-point safety harness
  • Made of low density foam


The Bumbo Floor Seat is a parenting essential and the perfect first seat for babies. The contoured design supports their posture and helps babies maintain a sitting position before they can sit upright on their own. With the Bumbo Floor Seat, parents can engage with their child during key developmental milestones from playtime to feeding time and give baby a chance to see his or her surroundings from a new perspective. Included with this set is the Bumbo Play Tray. The Bumbo Play Tray attaches to your Bumbo Floor Seat to create a fun play surface that keeps toys and snacks within baby's reach. The Play Tray is great for feeding time and playtime, helping to further develop your baby's motor skills. The Bumbo Play Tray is an ideal accessory to the Bumbo Floor Seat. Your purchase helps children in need. A portion of proceeds from every Bumbo product purchase made worldwide is donated to help the underprivileged and special needs children in Bumbo's hometown of Pretoria, South Africa.

Customer reviews(8)

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December 21, 2017
My daughter is above 85th percentile for height and weight and at 4 months, I was looking for something to help her sit unassisted while I play with my toddler or so I can have my hands free. Her thighs would not even fit into the leg holes, so I don't know what size of baby this was designed for. Instead, the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up was what I ended up purchasing and I have no issues with her thigh size (and yes, they're not skinny but she's by no means obese!) in this one. Also, it's pretty costly for something that you won't be using for very long. Most moms encouraged me to buy it second hand but I just wanted the convenience of it being delivered and knowing it was clean.
Amy C.
November 19, 2016
I like this seat, but my 16lb 5-1/2 month old is too small for it. The safety belt doesn't even come close to fitting him snugly. It still works for feeding time but he constantly has to be adjusted because his little legs slide around in it so much. Also, the centre clip for the safety belt tends to get flipped down when you place baby in and you can't buckle it like that so you have to hold it as you sit baby down.
December 1, 2016
Wish I could have used this chair for longer but my little guys legs were too chubby to comfortably fit in the leg holes. The belts were basically under him and hard to do up. The tray clipped under the bottom on the front so it seemed secure enough, but my baby was never big enough to test that. Ended up trading my bumbo to a friend for a Mamas and Papas brand chair.

Also worth noting, we spoke to a physio therapist and she said that bumbos werent the greatest because babies are unable to get much movement/rotation out of their trunk, and the positioning is kind of slouched. At 6 months he did seem a little awkward in the bumbo but ive seen plenty of other babies use them just fine.
February 8, 2017
Ordered Nov. 11th, arrived Nov. 16th. Product was as described but it was short lived - My two month old old fit snugly in it as he is pretty chubby. Now he's 5 months and if I put him in it, he'll get stuck and I have to pry his chubby legs out. He was strong enough for the high chair (5 point harness) around 3.5/4 months so I just use that instead of the Bumbo. Seems like good quality though and the tray helps keep the toys at arms reach.
Sandra Green
February 4, 2016
When babies don't want to lie down all the time, it's nice to set them up in a chair that they can't get out of, they're on the floor and you know that they are safe. They can play with their toys and you can feed them as well. Great idea
March 26, 2017
Great item and tray is a must have. My kid has out grown but it's great bc of its small size I love keep around for friends with kids. It was lifesaver for getting dinner prepped.
Linda B
November 28, 2015
My 7 month year old son was recommended this from his physiotherapist and he loves it... Great buy..
Amazon Customer
July 21, 2016
Too small for my chunky 3 month old but still love the idea and hope he fits when he slims out a bit

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