Beginner Kits

Guitar Kit, 6 Pcs Electric Guitar String Silver & 6Pcs Folk Guitar Bridge Pins for 6 String Acoustic Folk Guitar Guitars (01) Dilwe Dilwendk5wzt98v

CA $6.99

Electric Bass Guitar Pack with 20 Watts Amplifier, Gig Bag, Strap, and Cable, White Other

CA $162.53

SODIAL(R) Maple/rosewood Guitar Neck 22 Frets on Rosewood Strat Shred Neck Guitar 052223

CA $24.24

Mini Pocket Guitar 6Frets String Chord Trainer Practice Tool Gadget for Beginner BEESS

CA $9.44

Upgrade Version, Hand Finger Exerciser Strengthener with Adjustable Tensions from 2.5-6 lbs for Musicians, Sports or Therapy, Great Gift for Guitar Beginner Hand Finger Trainer, FA-10P, Black Flanger

CA $13.29

Hand Finger Master Exerciser Strengthener for Guitar Piano or Therapy, Tensions from 3,5,7 lbs, Great Gift for Guitar Beginner Hand Exerciser Finger Strengthener Trainer, FA-10, Black - 7 lbs Flanger

CA $12.59

Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit - Sunburst Color (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner) Other EB-SB-Tuner-Picholder-Pics

CA $126.41