BabyBjorn Soft Bib 2-Pack (Green/Yellow) BabyBjörn 046504US

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  • Simple to rinse off under running water
  • Food remains in the spill pocket even if the child moves around a lot
  • Adjustable snap adapts size to fit your growing child


Adjustable snap adapts size to fit your growing child.
Food remains in the spill pocket even if the child moves around a lot
Well-Designed And Comfy

The BabyBjörn Soft Bib is ergonomically designed to fit your child perfectly. This soft and comfortable bib catches food that “misses” baby’s mouth. The neckband is a soft beaded ring and has an adjustable snap. This allows your rapidly growing child to use it for a long time. With the BabyBjörn Soft Bib, washing sticky bibs will be a thing of the past. Just rinse it off and use it again.

At A Glance
  • Recommended from 4 months and up
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe
Well-Conceived Design

The neckband rests nicely and comfortably on the child’s neck. The bib’s size has been tailored to make sure that the spill pocket does not get stuck on the table’s edge. Food remains in the spill pocket no matter how active the baby.

Easy To Keep Clean

The BabyBjörn Soft Bib is easily rinsed off under running water or cleaned in the dishwasher.

Quick Facts About BabyBjörn Plastic
  • Completely free from BPA (bisphenol A), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), phthalate esters, cadmium, lead, and bromine
  • Complies with relevant product safety standards
  • Our kitchen rage is certified safe for food
  • Playful design and bright colors to inspire children to use the products and learn
  • Recyclable
  • Tested and Safe

Customer reviews(8)

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Kaylee Follweiter
March 12, 2018
The children took a bit to get used to it (the bib needs to be pretty tight to be useful) but once I out-stubborned them and they finally accepted the fact this bib was non negotiable things were fine. The BabyBjorn bib is the only bib that actually catches anything.. don't kid yourself, things still end up on the ground but instead of needing to go for seconds to ensure they've ingested some nutrients you can just pour it back into your bowl from the bib!! And they are incredibly easy to wash.. I have two kids and two bibs.. and I've never felt the need for more (context, I'm extremely unorganized and usually require multiples of everything because I forget to clean/wash/put away).
December 12, 2016
Makes clean ups quick. The only change I would make it to improve the clasp as baby could easily pull off the bib.

This is an updated review:
It was such a great idea at the start, but I find that my baby does not like wearing these bibs because all he wants to do when he has it on is to pull it off and look at it. It certainly defeats the purpose. Plus, I think due to the size of the bibs relative to his body (he is about 8 months) he can't avoid not being distracted by it. Had high hopes for this product. I think it will be better for toddlers. At least then you can reason with them to not pull off the bib.
Mohamed Noordeen
April 22, 2017
My 1yo daughter is the messiest eater I've ever seen. That being said, we would need to buy new clothes for her if it weren't for these incredible bibs. The flexible plastic construction provides great coverage of your little one while also making clean up a breeze, just soap and rinse. It's that simple, no fabric that needs to be scrubbed, no fabric drying time needed. And it looks super adorable on our little one too. I can't stress how invaluable they are to us; they're possibly the best household baby item we own. Every new parent needs these bibs! Would make a great baby shower gift!
A. Lai
July 19, 2018
The white paint around the collar comes off after about a month of usage or with the baby sucking on them. It was never put into a dishwasher and only hand-washed with dish detergent.
Stefanie Brown
September 4, 2017
I love these bibs! They aren't stiff so my son doesn't mind wearing them and they're easy to clean so I don't need to keep a big stash of bibs on hand. And as a bonus they help minimize the amount of food that ends up on the floor!
March 7, 2016
We received a vinyl bib with a fabric backing as a baby shower present, which was fine for the first little while. However now that he's grabbing the spoon and trying to feed himself, these things are a lifesaver. Cleaning the former one was a serious pain in the *** since it was somewhat absorbent. These are easy to take on and off, and you can even throw them in the dishwasher if you're feeling lazy.
April 19, 2016
These are great if you don't have a tray where you feed your baby. Otherwise you can't use them because they are hard plastic and they won't bend around the tray unless your kid is 4ft tall. I gave 2 stars only because they are well-made, just useless if using a tray at the same time.
November 26, 2015
My toddler used to yank this off his neck because he felt it was in his way. Now that he's older and perhaps it's because he's sitting taller, he doesn't seem to mind it at all. It catches quite a bit of spill and he's not exactly a clean eater. It's very easy to clean and wipe dry. We take one with us for eating out as well. It's a good product.

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