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LedgeON 7 Professional Cleaver - Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade - Wood Handle LedgeON Products SYNCHKG105098

CA $29.92

1 AllLife

CA $1.39

M.V. Trading CCKQ1 Chan Chi Kee Professional Chef Heavy Duty Butcher Chopping Cleaver with Wooden Handle, Large Size, Blade Size: 10 Inch (L) x 5 Inch (W) | Overall with Handle: 14.25 Inch (L) Chan Chi Kee Cutlery Co.

CA $164.42

Winco KC-501 Chinese Cleaver with Steel Handle and 8-Inch by 2.25-Inch Blade, Stainless Steel Winco USA

CA $12.76

Kuhn Rikon 26085 Safari Chef's and Nakiri Colori, Giraffe

CA $29.40

Winco Blade Chinese Cleaver with Wooden Handle, 3-1/2-Inch, Stainless Steel Winco USA KC-101

CA $12.45

Cut Resistant Work Kitchen Glove High Performance Level 5 Protection Food Grade Safety Hand Protection Cut Proof Builder Gloves 1 Pair White Edge Medium Nanan

CA $7.69

Pure Oriental Pure Oriental 15 cm Cleaver Kitchencraft KCPOCLEAVER

CA $11.30

Global Knives SA-04 Asian-Knives, Silver

CA $153.30

Kitcherry Watermelon Slicer with Wooden Handle, Corer & Server, Durable Stainless Steel 430 with Sturdy Cutting Wire KCHRYWSW

CA $13.59

80Pcs Portable Vegetable Fruit Food Chef Burin Carving Chiseling Tool Kit With Bag by Lovestore2555

CA $13.74

WMF Profi Plus Swivel Vegetable Peeler 1872016030

CA $37.09

Tojiro Fujitora DP Western Deba - 6.7 (17cm)

CA $132.30

Sakai Takumi Ajimasa, Yasuki Shirogami(White Steel)/Japanese Chef's Left Handed Deba DW series,Hongasumi-Finish (150mm/5.9) Sakai Ajimasa DW150L

CA $115.50

True Fabrications Twine Vintage Inspired, Southern Style Elegance, Stainless Steel 25-Ounce Cocktail Drink Shaker with Cap and Strainer 4063

CA $25.57

Scripture steel split bamboo hatchet 165mm C-12 (japan import)

CA $29.78

Masahiro, Deba, Stainless, 180mm 4431ai

CA $71.51

Amscan 35036340 Big Party Pack Plastic Cups, 10 oz, Red 350363.4

CA $29.53

Amscan Big Party Pack 100 Count Mid Weight Plastic Spoons, Yellow AMI 43601.09

CA $16.53

Tovolo Tea Infuser, Gingerbread, Red 81-8192

CA $71.37

SA Sabun (all steel) Garasuki 18cm (Japan import / The package and the manual are written in Japanese) Endoshoji

CA $69.99

Misono Molybdenum Yo-Deba 6.4(16.5cm) - Right [Kitchen] (japan import) Misono (Misono) 550

CA $115.61

Tovolo Tea Infuser, Anchor-Blue 81-8175

CA $20.30

YuiSenri Original Japan Steel(SK3), Ajikiri Black Chestnut Handle(Small Deba) 120mm/4.7 Yamawaki Cutlery Mfg. Ltd

CA $39.56

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