AFIX PosterDisplay Tension Window Poster Frame to display an 8.5x11” poster

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  • Light and elegant Window Picture Frame to display an 8.5x11in. poster, in portrait or landscape.
  • Enhance your storefront and display your message in a light and aerial fashion.
  • Efficient, quality suction cups included.
  • Compact and eco-friendly product, using 100% recycled materials.
  • Easy poster swaps. Compatible with any media (any thickness up to 20 mil.)

Size :8.5x11

Window FLEX Poster Frame to display an 8.5x11” poster, with included suction cups. Enhance your message in a lightweight and elegant way, on any window or glass surface. Freely display portrait or landscape, single or double-sided. Made with the most eco-friendly materials: aluminum extrusions, ultra resistant polycarbonate clips, and discreet chrome tension springs. No plexiglass or backing required. The FLEX system provides equal tension at each four poster corners, for an outstanding curl free presentation. FLEX poster clips allow for fast and easy poster swaps. Your poster will be neatly underlined by thin aluminum extrusions on all four sides, and will feature a light and modern “float-in-the-air” look and feel. The spring tension system may absorb slight variations in the graphic size (+/- 0.5”). Change posters in seconds. Compatible with any print media, wether it be copy paper, photo paper, fabric, or other media with a maximum thickness of 20 mil. or 360 gsm. For optimal poster presentation, use curl-free and tear-resistant polybanner (i.e.: 8 mil. polypropylene), or photo paper (i.e.: 180 to 360 gsm). Display posters one-sided, two-sided, or placed back-to-back (total thickness may not exceed 20 mil. or 360 gsm). Ecologic product, ships unassembled in a light and compact cardboard box. Easily assembles without any tools. Simple instructions provided. The included -but non mandatory- Suction Cups will enable you to adhere your message to any indoor glass surface (window, storefront, glass door, or glass office separator), for a refined aerial look and feel. Suction cups are made in the USA, featuring a patented design that ensures high efficiency. This, coupled with the frame’s extreme lightness, makes displaying your message in your windows highly dependable, in any temperature or sunshine conditions. Be sure to clean the glass surfaces prior to installation. Check other listings for alternate hanging accessories, or for a wide choice of additional sizes.

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